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    Another Supplier To Increase Prices Starting From March

    01 Mar 2023

    An additional supplier, Altecnic, have announced that they will be increasing their prices for all of their products. A major contributing reason behind this decision is the rising cost of raw materials that are used to manufacture these products. This cost increase has become untenable for many suppliers, leading them to take this difficult decision.

    The graphic below shows the exact date when the price increase will come into effect, and the related percentage increase commencing March 1st. It is clear that the impact of these price increases will be widespread, affecting customers across different industries and regions.

    March Price Increase

    This price increase is not unique to just one industry or region, it is a global phenomenon that has been brought about by a number of factors, including increasing demand for certain raw materials, changes in the global market, and increasing energy costs. These factors have all contributed to the current situation, making it difficult for suppliers to maintain the same prices for their products.

    The increase in prices by numerous suppliers is a reflection of the challenging economic conditions faced by businesses today. Companies must balance their own financial stability with the need to provide affordable products to their customers. The situation is difficult, but it is important to understand that these price increases are necessary for suppliers to remain in business and continue to provide the products that we all rely on.

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