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    HiB Bathrooms

    Currently in the process of uploading Products from this brand but you can still order products from HiB Bathrooms by contacting us directly.

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    Greenline Plumbing & Bathroom Supplies is your ultimate destination for all your plumbing, bathrooms, and shower needs. As you navigate through our carefully curated selection of products, we invite you to uncover an even wider world of possibilities through our network of partner suppliers.

    Whether or not you see a product or supplier on our website, we can promise you that if you want a product, we can get if for you! All you must do is simply Contact Us and we’ll give our all to help you get a hold of your requested product, how’s that for premier service!

    A small selection of suppliers that are not presently on the website can be seen below but we can assure you that we are doing our best to get products from as many suppliers as we can online ASAP!

    Selected List of Suppliers

    Aqualla BrasswareHiB Bathrooms
    Aqualla BrasswareHiB Bathrooms


    Merlyn ShowersMyLife Bathrooms
    Merlyn ShowersMyLife Bathrooms


    Reminder, this is only a small list of suppliers we deal with. If you need a product from any supplier that in any way relates to plumbing, bathrooms, or showers, you can talk to us and trust that we will process your request.

    Requesting Products

    If you're searching for specific plumbing fixtures, bathroom essentials, or shower solutions from any of our partner suppliers – whether or not they're currently listed on our website – connecting with us is effortless and we will promptly get back to you.

    1) Call: Phone us on 046 90 2533 to speak with our knowledgeable team, ready to guide you toward your perfect product.

    2) Email: Send your product inquiries to and anticipate a swift response brimming with information and choices.

    3) Online Form: Fill out our user-friendly online contact form detailing your interest in a particular product from a supplier presently unlisted on our website.

    4) Visit a Store: Alternatively, you can visit one of our branches in Navan or Cavan and converse with our staff for an immediate response and direct expertise.

    Why Choose Products From Our Suppliers

    Elevate your plumbing, bathroom, and shower experiences with products that mirror your desires. Our partnerships symbolise a commitment to excellence, guaranteeing you access to a comprehensive array of options suited to your discerning preferences.

    Stay Updated

    We're not just about products – we're about experiences. Keep pace with us through our website and vibrant social media platforms to unveil the latest introductions, trends, and partner collaborations.


    Your voyage to discovering exceptional plumbing, bathroom, and shower solutions commences right here at Greenline Plumbing & Bathroom Supplies. Beyond the visible, we extend our arms to embrace a world of potential. Connect with us today, and let's embark on a journey of innovation and possibility together.


    While we strive to provide the most current information, please note that the availability of products from our partner suppliers may vary. Our team is committed to assisting you based on their offerings and availability.

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    Ivy | Ceramic Vessel Countertop Basin | 330mm

    Ivy | Ceramic Vessel Countertop Basin | 330mm

    Elevate bathrooms with the Ivy Ceramic Vessel Basin by HiB, featuring a stunning, classic design. Perfect choice for an elegant countertop basin.
    €112.00 €98.40
    Slimline Countertop | Black Slate | 500mm

    Slimline Countertop | Black Slate | 500mm

    Enhance your bathroom with style with the sleek Slimline Countertop in Black Slate by HiB: durable, waterproof, pre-cut, and ready to fit.
    €233.00 €204.71