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    Freestanding Baths

    Discover elegant and spacious freestanding baths for a luxurious feel from Greenline Plumbing Supplies. Make a statement with our stunning options.

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    Andrea Freestanding Bath |(1655mm x 745mm)

    Andrea Freestanding Bath (1655mm x 745mm)

    SONAS Andrea Freestanding Bath: Stylish acrylic design with built-in overflow. Upgrade your bathroom with luxury & durability.
    Comino Freestanding Bath | (1700mm x 750mm)

    Comino Freestanding Bath (1700mm x 750mm)

    COMINO Floor Standing Bath: Contemporary design, acrylic build, waste & overflow included. Elevate your bathroom with style & durability.
    Sonas | Countess Freestanding Bath

    Countess Freestanding Bath

    The SONAS Countess: Elegant double-ended slipper bath with chrome feet. Luxurious design, traditional charm.
    Duchess Freestanding Bath

    Duchess Freestanding Bath

    Introducing the magnificent Duchess, a double-ended roll top slipper bath with classic chrome feet.
    Marovo Freestanding Bath

    Marovo Freestanding Bath

    Marovo Floor Standing Bath: Contemporary acrylic design with 210Ltr capacity. Elevate your bathroom with modern luxury.
    Marseille Contemporary Freestanding Bath | 1750mm x 760mm

    Marseille Contemporary Freestanding Bath

    The Marseille Contemporary Freestanding Bath is a luxurious addition and centerpiece for modern bathrooms, exuding a stylish and elegant feeling.
    Relax Contemporary Freestanding Bath | 1660 x 725mm

    Relax Contemporary Freestanding Bath

    Immerse yourself in bliss with the Relax Contemporary Freestanding Bath. Its exquisite design transforms bathrooms into a haven of indulgence.
    Toledo Freestanding Bath | 1800 x 745mm

    Toledo Freestanding Bath

    Transform bathrooms into serenity with the Toledo Freestanding Bath. Its exceptional design and craftsmanship bring relaxation to your bathing.
    Traditional Style Double Slipper Bath | 1750 x 730mm

    Traditional Style Double Slipper Freestanding Bath

    Experience the perfect blend of elegance and charm in this traditional freestanding bath, offering relaxation with a touch of sophistication.
    Viceroy Freestanding Bath

    Viceroy Freestanding Bath

    Luxurious freestanding bath adorned with elegant chrome feet, perfect as the focal point for any bathroom design.